Storm Damage Restoration

Storm Hammers Logan, Utah

Storm Damage RestorationIt Came from Logan Canyon!!!

Earlier, there was a nasty wind storm coming out of Logan Canyon.  It knocked over trees, blew shingles off roofs, and even knocked out power in some places.  Rocky Mountain Power reported at least 500 customers suffered outages.  This, coupled with the excessive rain, led to Logan City pushing back Memorial day events.  Schools canceled field trips for the safety of the kids. It made a real mess of my lawn, too.

Storm Damage

The most common damage done by storms is to the roof and siding.  High winds blow off shingles and falling trees or branches can pull of rain gutters or punch holes in your roof.  Despite the severity of the storm and how loud it was, most residents agree that it could have been worse.  Don’t let that fool you, though; you can’t always tell right away what damage the storm did.  Sometimes, the damage is basically invisible from the outside.  A tree landing on your roof might not puncture it, or even do much more than scrape a few shingles off, but if it hits the right part of the house, it could crack support structures in your attic.  While it might not cause problems right away, these structural weaknesses might get worse over time.  Then the next storm that comes along might not be so kind to you.

If you’ve had a tree fall on your house, inspect the area where it landed, both inside and outside.  If you suspect there might be some hidden damage, an expert should look at it.

Expert Storm Damage Restoration

Alpine Cleaning and Restoration Specialists

Have no fear, Alpine Cleaning and Restoration is here!  We have expert storm damage restoration specialists on call to help you out with any damage caused by the recent storms.  If you see any damage to your house, we can help you fix it before it grows into a real problem.  As full-service contractors, we’re licensed and qualified to coordinate all repairs to any part of your house.  Whether it’s just the roofing, or the siding, or even some damage to the inside of the house, we can restore it all.

Get in Touch

Did the storm do any damage to your home?  Then get a hold of us today.  We even work closely with your insurance agency to help get you the best price on the repairs.  We’ll make sure your insurance company works for you, not the other way around.  We promise that by the time we’re done, it’ll be good as new.  You won’t even be able to tell it was damaged in the first place.